How To Paint A Roof In South Auckland

Different roofing companies servicing the entire Auckland can help anyone in need for installing roofs, restoration, re-roofing and its maintenance. Having good roofs can make you feel comfortable and safe while inside your home. All types of roof can be painted effectively with the right techniques and equipment.


Give your roof a thorough cleaning before having it paint. Roofs can be cleaned quickly by using a washer with high pressured water or by simply using a water hose and cleaning it with broom. Some chemicals might be required to use depending on its dirt level.

Preparation for tiled roof

Look and replace any cracked or broken tiles. House painters North Auckland will also remover or repair any damaged mortar and capping when needed. Mortar must be totally dry before applying paint.

Preparation for corrugated roof

Washing with a degreaser is the best way to clean a corrugated roof. Exterior house painters South Auckland will use a primer first and let it dry before applying your choice of paint.

Choosing a paint

Know the exact measurement of your roof and buy enough cans of paint that can sustain up to two coatings. Light colored paint reflects heat while dark ones tend to absorb heat.

Painting tiled roof

Airless spray gun or a proper brush is used when applying paint on a tiled roof. Water based paint must be used in this type of roofing. If you are doing a re-paint and the old color was totally fade, apply a thick coat of sealer before the actual paint so it can last longer.

Painting corrugated roof

Choose the right paint that is specially formulated for roofs made in metal. It adheres better and holds up against any elements. Airless spray or paint rollers for corrugated iron shaped can be used in applying paint. You will need a paint brush in the end for all corners and ridge caps.

Safety precaution

Painter should wear a boots or any shoes that are sturdy enough while working, protective glasses and hard hat. Make sure to work with someone else and do not stay in the roof alone. Use a safety harness that is tied to something strong and sturdy. Use a safe solid ladder when going up and down to the roof.

Other painting tips

Make sure that you can go down from the roof easily without the need of walking to wet or newly painted areas. Create a proper strategy on how you are going to start painting. Be extra careful when using the airless spray during windy days to avoid spreading of paint spots to other areas. Always check the weather forecast. You could not paint when it is going to rain.