Becoming Responsible Citizens

There is no doubt that most of us are well aware of what is happening in the world with the trash overload and the fact that much of our trash is going in to the oceans and chocking all the fish that live in our beautiful oceans but at the same time, while we are sad and we share various posts on social media telling the world how sad we are about the fact, we do not act on making a change in our own lives to reduce the amount of trash that is put in to the oceans. A study done in the year two thousand and thirteen showed us that in that year, Americans produces two hundred and fifty four million tons of garbage and of this, they managed to recycle a small percentage but the rest of it went in to landfills and of course, much of it ended up in this ocean. This is just America. But every country in the world produces garbage and most of the other countries in the world produce and dispose of a lot more garbage because they do not have the facilities that America has to recycle.

Things that you can do in your daily life

Each and every one of us produces massive amounts of garbage in our daily lives and every baby that is born to this earth starts producing garbage from the day that they are born. In the past, our lives were different because we had more time on our hands to do more work and therefore, for a baby, we would use cloth, washable nappies but today, we use disposable plastic nappies resulting in many bags of garbage per baby per day. We need to find ways of producing less garbage and for the waste we do produce, we need to have waste disposal mechanisms like recycling and reusing. Check this link if you are looking for perfect services for waste removal. 

If we take the time to use less packaged food by cooking a quick meal for ourselves and taking it in a lunchbox, we will reduce the waste we produce drastically and also become a lot healthier.If we had separate rubbish bins Sydney for different kinds of waste, we could have them disposed of in different ways which would be a big weight off the trash that is thrown in landfills every day.Similarly, in the past, we would cook our own means and take them to the office in a lunch box but today, every day, we buy prepackaged processed food from the supermarket, all resulting in excess trash and waste.